The gardens of Chenonceau castle

French Garden

Anchored in the bed of the Cher, on aerial arches, Chenonceau is the very image of refinement. Its harmonious architecture is the expression of a universal beauty, felt by every visitor, whatever their culture of origin. The relationship between the park, the water and the castle forms a complete unit.

Renaissance gardens

The castle is an exceptional setting for its gardens, all remarkable: “French gardens” of Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici, labyrinth, and vegetable garden. The castle is open to visits every day of the year, its gardens are maintained daily and permanently landscaped. The plantings, renewed in spring and summer, require the installation of 130,000 flower plants, grown on the estate, by the team of gardeners. The green garden, originally designed by Bernard Palissy and which extends in front of the Orangery, is made up of large-scale collection trees, including the magnificent bicentennial holm oak. The wooded park demarcates this perfect ensemble. “The beauty of Chenonceau imposes itself as a sensitive relationship to the heart, as the harmony between the sky, the water, the gardens and the architecture speaks to any visitor, whatever their culture of origin”.

The labyrinth

The Italian labyrinth, desired by Catherine de Medici, is planted with 2000 yew trees, with a living wicker gazebo at its center.

The bouquets

Chenonceau welcomes its visitors like hosts, with thoughtfulness and grace.
Particular care is taken in the flowers of the castle every day of the year, with different themes depending on the seasons and events.
The floral workshop is located in the courtyard of the 16th century farm. The team of florists creates up to 200 bouquets per week, with the production of a vegetable garden and its greenhouses at its disposal.

Precious Christmas

During the Christmas holidays, majestic bouquets and winter compositions punctuate the visit, in each of the rooms, warmed by fires in the monumental fireplaces.

The essentials of the Château de Chenonceau

Chenonceau is, after Versailles, the most visited French castle. Chenonceau is, after Versailles, the most visited French castle.

A pioneer in many areas, Chenonceau is the only one to offer a guided video tour with iPod, in 11 languages, including Mandarin.

The free application, “Discover Chenonceau”, will give you all the information about your next visit. Available on the App Store.

The multiple services and activities: a restaurant with refined cuisine, the Orangerie; a self-service and tea room, the wax museum, boat trips in the summer and also the discovery of the gardens of Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici, the vegetable garden, the 16th century farm and its floral workshop where the sublime bouquets that punctuate the seasons are created, inside the castle.

Le château de Chenonceau

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